Creative Recycled Furniture Picture Gallery

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Creative Recycled Furniture Picture Gallery

Creative Recycled Furniture Picture Gallery - Recycling doesn’t have to be constrained to sorting cans and bottles into boxes to be sent to a recycling plant to be changed into new cans and bottles. Recycling can be about making use of existing supplies to make one thing definitely new and normal, frequent with a function completely different from the good’s authentic purpose. Fixtures designers have capitalized on this belief to dream up a few exceedingly resourceful and unpredictable effects for use round the home. Barrel Designs focuses on a large array of furniture crafted from “retired” barrels as soon as used to contain wine.


The oak wood used inside the barrels is reshaped in a host of artistic how one can create new pieces ranging from tables and chairs to fixtures used with the wine the barrels once held, comparable to racks for bottles and serving bars. Artist Carl Woodland creates unique furnishings pieces using pieces of driftwood he finds on the seashores of Texas and California. His so much common dad or mum is in glass-topped tables, yet he also creates lamps and paintings out of the subject matter.

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